pedagogy-300x251YES strives to deal with people and children in a positive and constructive manner.
Which means that YES, as an entertainment facility gives attention to a range of children and their social-cultural and sportive needs. The most important factor herein is that coaches will give the examples as children tend to follow good examples. The coaches are positive, motivating and educated professionals.

Extra guidelines are given to coaches for coaching each group. Specific information for the youngest players (5-6). These players are a different group of children and are playing according to the ‘play and learn’ principle. Specific coaching information is available for this group which relates to their development fase and is created according to the abilities of these players and how they learn best. Technical factors will be minimized and the training sessions and the approach of the children adhere to the play spirit with lots of implicit education. This group of players is very capable to improve their movement and body coordination by explicit practice. 

Our core values:

  • Unique: every child is unique
  • Challenging: every activity is challenging for the children
  • Motivating: motivated coaches that have the highest expectations
  • Personal: every child will get personal attention
  • Social Aspect: social behavior is expected and enhanced
  • Cultural Aspect: Oman’s cultural values are taught