Groups are divided into age-based teams (5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16) and not more then 12 players will be in each team. Each team will train once a week under professional guidance and the specific factors of leisure (sport) activities will apply here. Extra guidelines are given to coaches for coaching this group.
Tournaments will be held regularly (once a month) to emphasize the team spirit and healthy competitors attitude!





Junior and Senior Soccers
The youth soccer program emphasizes individual skill development in a fast-paced environment. All classes and clinics are taught by our soccer coaches who push players to constantly improve skills. With a range of options for kids at each skill level, YES is the perfect place to develop excellent coordination and teamwork skills in a fun and safe environment.

Mini Soccers
Specific information for the youngest players (5-7). These players are a different group of children and are playing according to the “play and learn” principle. Specific coaching information is available for this group which relates to their development fase and is created according to the abilities of these players and how they learn best. Technical factors will be minimized and the training sessions and approach of the children adhere to the play spirit with lots of implicit education. This group of players is very capable to improve their movement and body coordination by explicit practice.



Soccer Training Timetable

Kids aged 5-75pm – 6pm
Kids aged 8-106pm - 7pm
Kids aged 10-127pm – 8pm

Term overview Soccer

Term  Term Fee
Term 11 September - 16 December
(15 weeks)
AED 750
Term 28 January - 24 March
(11 weeks)
AED 550
Term 32 April - 26 June
(12 weeks)
AED 600